Toddler Shot In Head During Possible Rap Video Shoot

A possible rap music video shoot was halted last night after a 1-year-old boy was shot in the head. The bullet wound happened during a round of shootings that left six other people shot including a 24-year-old women who has been listed in critical condition.

According to the police report Oakland rapper Kafani was at the scene of the shooting but says he was not shooting a rap video at the time of the incident. Police say the rappers van was riddled with bullet holes.

Each of the victims were located in a liquor store parking lot when a fight broke out and several people began firing guns at one another.

At this time it’s still not clear if any of the shootings victims were inside the van during the time of the shooting.

The five male victims all aged 14 to 26 have been listed in stable condition and are still presently undergoing medical observation.

In a tweet sent out to his followers Kafani asked that everyone keep the victims of the shooting in their prayers, especially his little cousin who is still struggling to hold onto life.

[Information for this article provided by KTVU]