Rafael Nadal Keeps His Cool Under Pressure From Argentina Team

Rafael Nadal is keeping his cool under pressure from an Argentina team that he and his fellow players from Spain will play during the Davis Cup final this weekend.

Speaking to The Herald Sun Nadal revealed:

“We’re under the same pressure as they are, we have to win the Davis Cup.”

Nadal has a good chance of bringing home a victory to Spain, he has lost just one singles rubber in the Davis Cup since he made his debut in 2004.

In the meantime Spain has experience on their side, having won four of the last 10 Davis Cup championships while Argentina over the same 10 year time span has finished in the runner-up position three times, never once winning the top prize.

Among his fellow teammates are 24th-ranked Fernando Verdasco, 20th-ranked Feliciano Lopez and number 5 ranked David Ferrer. If that lineup seems familiar it’s the same team that brought home int e2009 Davis Cup against the Czech Republic.

Also sounding cool and collected was Spain captain Alberta Costa who said:

“The Cup stays here” and “It’s hard to say who has the greater percentage chance of winning between the teams. I don’t like giving figures. If we do things well than we’ll have a chance.”

“One thing that’s sure is that all the matches will be long and tough.”

In the meantime Argentina captain Tito Vazquez says of his teams chances:

“They are favourites with (Rafael) Nadal and (David) Ferrer, but anything can happen, we could lose 1-4 or win 4-1.”

Who do you think will win the 2011 Davis Cup?

[Image via Neale Cousland / Shutterstock.com]