Michelle MacLaren Confirmed As 'Wonder Woman' Director

Amanda Lager

Michelle MacLaren of Breaking Bad fame will direct and develop Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman film, as confirmed late yesterday afternoon. This is the first feature-length film for the famous DC heroine, as well as for MacLaren and actress Gal Gadot, who will play the title character.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the official news. MacLaren will be involved with multiple stages of the movie, starting work with script writers. In August, Michelle became a top pick for her work on television shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead.

Wonder Woman is closely associated with female empowerment. However, no women before Michelle have have directed a comic book film. As the Hollywood Reporter put it, Warner Bros. felt pressure to both please audiences by signing Michelle as a female director and to make a hit film.

"Hollywood realities were forcing producers and execs to acknowledge that while women directors increasingly work in the indie drama spheres or in TV comedy, few have taken on big-budget, CG-laden tentpoles."

— Digital Spy (@digitalspy) November 25, 2014

— Jarrod B. (@Dragonpiece) November 24, 2014

Entertainment Weekly also adds that television directors like MacLaren are more commonly making the leap from the small to large screens through superhero movies. Marvel took a gamble on new directors with two of its Phase Two movies: Alan Taylor on Thor: The Dark World and the Russo brothers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Rumors of Michelle taking the helm of the project emerged about two weeks ago, as reported by the Inquisitr. Numerous potential directors besides MacLaren were speculated at, especially Lexi Alexander, who publicly rejected working on Wonder Woman. Alexander claimed that if the film fails, it will reflect poorly on female actors and directors such as Michelle.

Until production begins, fans will have to admire the same still of Gal Gadot that was released in July.

— Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) November 25, 2014