'Clash Of Clans' Gets Exclusive RED Content With Update [Video]

Clash of Clans, the massive multi-player online strategy game by Supercell, is just one of many apps taking part in the new update. Apple has been a long time supporter of (Product)RED's cause and are now using a multitude of applications, like Clash of Clans, to give more.

(Product)RED is a private brand determined to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS within the private sector. It was created in 2006 by Bono, U2's vocalist, and a group of philanthropists. (Product)RED has partnered with a number of companies that include Nike, Coca-Cola Company, Converse, and, yes, Apple Inc. The companies support the charitable organization by helping raise awareness and by giving consumers an easy way to donate. When a company partners with the charity, they design a product with the organization's logo. The sale of said product brings publicity and revenue in for the companies and the charity gets a portion of the proceeds.

That is what Apple has done with Clash of Clans and a number of other apps.

The game design of Clash of Clans got a few updates in regards to (Product)RED's inclusion. The game logo now has parenthesis around it and is taken to the power of red. The barbarians, as well, got a little color added to them. The mascots for the game got a dye job as their hair turns red for the event.

In the Clash of Clans in-game shop, there is an added item: rubies surrounded by parenthesis. These rubies, in the amount of 500, can be purchased for $4.99. These special rubies can be used just like the normal ones. The only difference is the purchase of RED rubies gives a donation to the organization. By purchasing the rubies, your town hall will be topped with a red banner, informing other players of your support.

Apple will be donating a portion of the proceeds from in-store and in-game purchases to the charity.

Below is a video by YouTube user MasterOV showing off the new features of the update

All these updates to Clash of Clans and other apps are in light of World AIDS Day. Celebrated every year on December 1, World AIDS Day is used to spread awareness of the AIDS pandemic that is caused by spread of the HIV infection. Many government and non-government organizations use the day to inform and education people on prevention, treatment, and control of the virus.

Clash of Clans will remain RED until Monday, December 7.

[Image Via Phones Review]