Portable North Pole Returns: Free Site Lets Kids Get Personalized Message From Santa Claus

Portable North Pole is back yet again this year, allowing kids to get their own personalized message from Santa Claus.

The popular site is back for the holidays and bringing some new features this year. The site is back for its seventh year, allowing people to send personalized messages from Santa Claus for kids (or adults too). It’s also available both on the desktop and as a mobile app.

For those who haven’t picked up on the annual tradition, here is how Portable North Pole bills itself:

“Nothing makes Santa happier than making special “Merry Christmas!” video messages or creating one-of-a-kind puzzles for children he only gets to visit once a year on Christmas Eve…he loves it even more than the yummy treats you all leave out for him and the reindeer! Just remember that you don’t have to wait ’til Christmas to get in touch with Santa. Thanks to PNP, he’s always around, along with Mrs. Claus, the rest of us elves, all the reindeer and the entire Claus family. Santa can’t wait to send you all special gifts to let you know how much he cares. He loves to keep us all busy, you know! So get in touch soon, we’re all waiting to hear from you! And in the words of our boss: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!”

The Portable North Pole has a ton of options, including free videos or a premium video greeting. And those who want to feel a little better about dishing out for the paid products can know that they’re doing some good as well. For every purchase made on the site, Portable North Pole donates a portion of the sale to the nearest children’s hospital.

And Portable North Pole isn’t just for Christmas anymore. The site now allows people to send personalized birthday message from Santa as well, which is especially great for those kids with tricky right-around-Christmas birthdays.

Anyone who wants to try Portable North Pole for themselves can check it out here or see the store here.