Andrew Shipp, GoPro Social Media Manager, Shares Great Marketing Tips

Andrew Shipp, the social media manager for GoPro, has been able to master a versatile and creative approach to keeping followers excited and engaged about his content.

What many business owners and brand marketers have dreamed of accomplishing with their social media profiles, Andrew Shipp has already been able to accomplish and so much more with GoPro’s online presence in such a relatively short period of time.

Since being established in April of 2009, the official Twitter page for GoPro has generated over 17,000 tweets and 1.22 million followers. The official Facebook page for the popular company has accumulated over 8.1 million likes.

In a recent interview with Small Business Trends, Andrew Shipp was able to share several great tips and bits of advice for aspiring brand marketers that want to increase the success of their own profiles.

Here are just a few of them that he shared.

Engagement is Essential

Andrew Shipp spoke very highly of the importance of keeping social media followers engaged with posted content, especially since it allows brands to provide their followers with a pleasurable experience overall and keeps them connected.

“Engagement is the main lens we look through when evaluating content. We want our content to evoke a response in our community and provide them with a super pleasurable experience when they’re out there in the social space.”

Not All Platforms Perform the Same

Shipp also drew attention to the fact that not all social media platforms perform the same when it comes to effective marketing, and it is essential for marketers to understand that principle, as well as how it should affect their social media marketing strategy in general.

“Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are still very photo centric platforms, whereas Facebook is positioning itself as a destination for video content… Consider the platform and content type for the highest engagement on each platform.”

Four Key Questions to Ask and Answer

For the new and inexperienced social media marketers that might be striving to find their way or make their mark, Andrew Shipp outlined four key questions that need to be answered first.

1) What are we trying to accomplish in social — engagement on the platform, website traffic?

2) Who is the audience?

3) What type of content is going to resonate the best with those people?

4) What is our posting cadence going to be?

Shipp continued by stating the answers that are developed for those four questions “should be pretty well baked.”

Towards the end of the interview, Andrew Shipp was able to issue a challenge of sorts aimed especially at small businesses.

“My challenge for all businesses — especially small businesses — is to really know your audience and create content they want to see, share and enjoy.”

What do you think about the tips that Andrew Shipp from GoPro provided in that interview?