Lionel Messi To Leave ‘Unreachable’ Record

Lionel Messi will leave an “unreachable” La Liga scoring record, according to Luis Enrique.

The Barcelona coach was speaking after the Argentinian forward finally broke the previous goal-scoring record in the Spanish league on Saturday. Messi scored a hat-trick during Barcelona’s 5-1 victory over Sevilla, which now means that the 27-year-old has scored 253 goals in the league during his career with the soccer giants.

Luis Enrique heaped praise on the forward following his efforts. In fact, he believes that Messi’s total won’t come close to being eclipsed.

“He’s a unique player — there’ll never be anyone like him and we’re lucky to enjoy his presence here. I think he will leave the record unreachable for anyone else. Zarra beat it in an age when there were more forwards than defenders.”

The Zarra that Luis Enrique mentioned was Telmo Zarra. He previously held the La Liga record after he scored 251 goals while playing in the country. His record had been intact since 1955.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently plays for Real Madrid and is widely regarded as the best player in the world alongside Lionel Messi, is currently on 197 goals. He is next in line on the list, however, it is unlikely that the Portuguese forward will actually eclipse Messi’s total.

This is because he is actually two years older than Messi. Ronaldo’s record is still hugely impressive though, as he played for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United for eight years before he moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009.

There have been various rumors over the last few days though that Lionel Messi might actually be considering a move away from Barcelona. This is because he is currently embroiled in a legal dispute over the amount of tax that he owes. He could even be incarcerated because of this offense.

Messi is apoplectic because he has already paid back the sum of money requested, and he believes he is simply being made an example of. Because of this alleged unrest, Chelsea and Manchester City are reportedly considering how much they should bid for the player. It’s believed that it would cost around $500 million to sign the Barcelona star. Half of this would be on a transfer fee to the Catalan side, and the other half would be to cover Messi’s wages as he is currently making around $550,000 a week.

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