Matt Czuchry On ‘Good Wife’ Co-Star Archie Panjabi: ‘We’ve Had Some Great Stuff Together’

Tonight marks the mid-season finale of The Good Wife, with what should be a climactic moment in the show’s Cary-centric storyline. As the Inquisitr recently revealed, Matt Czuchry’s character has a big decision to make as he goes on trial for drug charges. In a new interview with the Washington Post, Czuchry said this has been his most “emotionally taxing” season yet.

“[C]ertainly for me, personally and professionally, every season has been very different. This has been the most emotionally taxing season for me. Living in that head space for 10, 11, 12, 13 episodes has been incredibly emotionally taxing.”

He also talked about working alongside Archie Panjabi, who plays his love interest Kalinda. Panjabi is set to depart the show at the end of this season.

“We’ve had some great stuff together: The stuff that you’ve got to see already and what’s upcoming as well. So that material is really, really exciting. I think probably for the first couple days it was a bit of a shock, but now we’re focused on the work again, which is what we’ve both enjoyed for the past six seasons. And those two characters, their relationship has really ebbed and flowed. We’ve had a lot of work together, so it’s been great working with her. Now it kind of feels like, okay, we know there’s a limited time with Archie — and with Kalinda the character — so now you can appreciate it that much more.”

Czuchry’s character has had his life threatened, is under strict bail restrictions, and faces prison time, and the actor says this is what has led to his recent actions in his relationship with Kalinda.

“I don’t think he’s thinking clearly in terms of his relationship with Kalinda at this point… they have always had an open relationship and he understood those parameters. But when you go through big, traumatic events… He’s not mentally thinking in the right place about any of these decisions and that also includes Kalinda.”

Czuchry admits he has been taking some of Cary’s stress home. In an Associated Press article, Czuchry recounts his mother saw him carrying himself differently, as if he was weighted down by the worries of his character. He said it has been challenging to make the storyline compelling for the viewing audience.

Panjabi won an Emmy in 2010 for playing Kalinda. Her contract is up in May, and she already has a new television pilot lined up with 20th Century Fox Television. Her departure comes after another central character, Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles, was unexpectedly killed off last year.

The Good Wife airs tonight on CBS.

[Good Wife Image: CBS]