Jennifer Garner To Jennifer Lopez: ‘Stop Talking About My Husband,’ Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner is sick and tired of JLo, aka Jennifer Lopez, talking about her hubby, Ben Affleck. According to the latest report by Contact Music, a source close to Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s current wife of nine years, has been fuming about the interviews JLo has given about her prior relationship with Ben.

According to IBN Live, the secret source states the following.

“She’s absolutely p***ed that JLo has been discussing her relationship with Ben. Jen’s livid that in almost every interview, she brings up how Ben was her first true love.()Jen thinks it’s so disrespectful of JLo, especially because she and Ben have three kids and it’s hurtful to them, too.”

Jennifer Lopez has been on the talk show circuit since last month discussing her past relationships, including her failed relationship with hunk Ben Affleck, which ended in January 2004. The couple, whom everyone referred to as “Bennifer,” made the front cover of just about every major magazine, tabloids included. Lopez went in depth about the break-up in her book, True Love, where she states that Ben Affleck was the one true love who broke her heart.

“Ben Affleck and I called off our wedding,ending our very public relationship in suitably dramatic fashion just days before we were to walk down the aisle of a fairy-tale-wedding we had planned for months. When Ben and I split up at the moment when I thought we were committing to each other forever, it was my first real heartbreak. It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest.”

Getting over Batman v Superman actor Ben Affleck was not easy for Jennifer Lopez. In fact, it was so hard on her emotionally that the only way she could deal with the public humiliation of losing the man she loved, and of having to call over 400 guests to notify them that the wedding was cancelled, was by jumping head first into another, more comfortable relationship with Latin singing sensation Mark Anthony.

Ben Affleck went on to marry Jennifer Garner, someone totally different than the spicy Latina bombshell that he had before. Affleck has been married to Jennifer Garner for almost a decade. And though it is most likely rather annoying to see her husband’s “Big Booty” ex lighting up the screen, Jennifer Garner has already made it apparent that she has Ben now. And judging by Ben Affleck’s full frontal nude scene in the movie Gone Girl, she is most likely one happily married lady.

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