Selena Gomez Gets Emotional In Justin Bieber Inspired Performance At The AMAs

Selena Gomez struggled to hold back tears during an intense, emotional performance of her Justin Bieber-inspired single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” at the 2014 American Music Awards last night.

And while Justin wasn’t at the Los Angeles event, at one point during his former girlfriend’s spot it looked as if the Canadian was on stage. Ideas from Bieber’s last tour also seemed to have been used. More on that below.

A visibly nervous Selena delivered her live debut before a star-packed AMAs audience at the Nokia Theater on Sunday and seemed on the brink of breaking down a few times.

No doubt making millions of little, and not so little, girls cry their eyes out, the Latina starlet even made pal Taylor Swift tear up slightly at the end, when the “Blank Space” songstress saw how upset her friend was.

Hours after thrilling on the red carpet in a black, backless Giorgio Armani Prive dress, the pop princess was no less elegant on stage, wearing a floor-length, flesh-colored goddess gown with high slits by the same designer.

Selena’s performance started with her silhouetted in darkness, while most of the spoken introduction to “Heart’s” official music video played.

A backdrop included: a planet, storm clouds, exploding glass, hands bound in barbed wire, tears falling from a close-up of eyes — and, at one point – the starlet sprouted CGI angel wings.

It was major drama. And then some.

Selena Gomez

And it worked. Even the sometimes shakiness of Selena’s voice.

Because that’s what “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is all about — the bittersweet taste of a first love that is now broken, and probably mourned by Justin as well as Selena.

Towards the end of her rendition, the starlet mouthed the words “Thank you Jesus” as she fought back tears.

Inevitably, lots of fans seemed to think the 22-year-old was saying, “I love you, Justin.”

Then, in a change to the lyrics as they appear on the record, Selena repeated “I thought you were the one” at the close of the song” instead of “the heart wants what it wants.”

During her vamp out, a silhouetted male walked up and pressed his hands on the screen behind her, sparking speculation that Justin was actually at the American Music Awards.

Justin Bieber AMAs

But, he wasn’t.

The Biebs posted an Instagram snap on Saturday showing him standing next to a private jet.

Hours later, multiple witnesses claimed the heartthrob was at the Hillsong NYC Church. It looks like the 20-year-old has returned to the side of his friend, pastor Carl Lentz.

Many fans said there were similarities between Selena’s performance and Justin’s Believe tour, and pointed out the angel wings that Bieber used to descend to the stage at the start of his concerts.

Similarly, in another of Justin’s tour performances for the song “Love Me Like You Do,” a video segment showed him pressed against a glass in a scene similar to Selena’s at the AMAs.

“More than anything, I’m just excited that people everywhere, who are feeling what I feel and feel that will get to see that,” Selena said in an Instagram video teaser on the eve of her American Music Awards performance.

At the time, she added, “And I just want people to be able to relate to that.”

Judging by the thousands of tweets sent by Selenators saying how touched they were by their idol’s performance, it seems Gomez’s aim has been achieved.

“The Heart Wants What It Wants” is the lead cut off the starlet’s Greatest Hits compilation For You, which dropped today. The official video for the song has reached over 38 million views, and counting.

Taking to Twitter some time after the AMAs, Selena announced the release of her Best Of album, tweeting,

“#thankyoujesus,” she wrote by a still of herself onstage.

Selena Gomez
(Photo: Selena Gomez walking the red carpet at the 2014 American Music Awards, Sunday, November 23)
(Photo: The starlet’s stunning Giorgio Armani Prive dress seen from the back)

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