Watch Poet Nikki Giovanni Rip Bill Cosby To Shreds In Speech Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, poet Nikki Giovanni had some things to get off her chest about Bill Cosby, and the video of this has resurfaced amidst the continuous string of rape allegations against the veteran actor.

Performing at the Miami Book Fair International, Giovanni was about to read a poem when she offered an aside, “Speaking of crazy negroes, would somebody please hospitalize Bill Cosby?”

Back then, before the current stream of rape accusations, Cosby was making conservative speeches about his views relating to a “lack of morality” in the black community — and Giovanni made it known that she strongly opposed these recommended changes.

In the video, Nikki criticizes Bill for calling out black youth for wearing sagging pants and being materialistic. And though she does not say anything about rape allegations, she does give him a good lambasting.

“They should buy Hooked on Phonics because he doesn’t understand what they’re saying?” Giovanni asked. “He needs to listen. Park your limousine.”

“He’s mad because they drop their drawers? He’s mad because he has to look at the crack? It’s the only crack he’s mad at looking at, because he’s looked at a whole lot of other ones.”

Nikki then accused the legendary comedian of womanizing and fathering illegitimate children while lecturing the black community about morality.

“Obviously Bill is in pain and he needs the holiness church,” Giovanni added.

Cosby canceled a series of performances Friday, as allegations that he sexually harassed or raped various women over a period of decades continue to grow. His lawyer has dismissed the claims as false.

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