June 29, 2017
Demi Lovato Almost Touched Kate Middleton's Baby Bump After Comedian Tricked Her

Demi Lovato was almost tricked into touching Kate Middleton's burgeoning baby bump earlier this month, after she was granted the opportunity to meet the Duchess of Cambridge.

The 22-year-old singer performed at the Royal Variety Performance just a few weeks ago in front of Prince William and his pregnant wife, Kate Middleton. The event feature hoards of other performers, including singers and comedians who perform their material in front of the adoring crowd. One such comedian was Jack Whitehall, who is hugely popular in the United Kingdom thanks to his stand-up shows and television appearances.

During an upcoming appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK, Whitehall explained that he met Demi Lovato and almost coerced her into touching Kate Middleton's baby bump, which probably would have resulted in her being leap upon by the Duchess' security guards.

According to Crushable, Whitehall admitted that he believes this was a result of a communication breakdown between the pair. Simply put: Demi Lovato didn't understand his sarcastic ways.

"She was very nice, very sweet, but American and didn't necessarily buy into my sense of humor. Everyone is very nervous when the royal family is coming around and she asked me what the protocol was with the royal bump, 'Can we talk about the baby and stuff?,' and as a joke I said 'The Duchess of Cambridge I think would be offended if you didn't have a little feel.'"

Whitehall quickly realized that Demi Lovato had taken his comment at "face value," and began to get really worried that she might actually leap about and "have a little feel" of her belly.

At this point, he decided that he should correct the wrong that he had committed. Because if he didn't, Whitehall realized that either he would look like a complete moron for telling Lovato to do something he knew she would get punished for or the singer would be "taken out by a police marksmen."

"She takes it completely at face value and as Kate Middleton is coming along the line, I suddenly realise that we've got a situation here where either I need to step in and tell her that it was a joke and look like an idiot or potentially Demi Lovato from 'Frozen' is about to get taken out by a police marksmen, so I told her.."

Fortunately for everyone involved, Whitehall intervened and Lovato was able to live another day.

[Image via EOnline]