‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 12 Brings ‘Red Rose’ In Penultimate Show

Only two episodes of Sons of Anarchy remain before the show wraps for good, and fans got quite the experience in this last episode. The Season 7, Episode 12 show is titled “Red Rose,” and fans are quite anxious for Sons of Anarchy spoilers. What is known about this next show?

“Red Rose” airs on Tuesday, December 2, with SOA not airing a new episode during the week of Thanksgiving. The series finale then airs on December 9. As fans have become accustomed to seeing, the Sons of Anarchy spoiler synopsis doesn’t detail much in the way of specifics. TV Guide shares that truths are revealed and tensions build while Jax faces a difficult decision.

Based on the Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview, there are two key decisions weighing on Jax from the looks of things. First, what does he do about Gemma now that he knows she killed Tara? In addition, he is also trying to cope with the knowledge that not only was Jury White not a rat, but his quest for vengeance for Tara’s death led to many brutal deaths and trouble for the club.

As the previous episode played out, Jax was hiding from Unser and the cops, Gemma was on the run, and SAMCRO knew that they had a lot to clean up. Photos from “Red Rose” indicate that Jax and Unser will come face-to-face again, though this looks like a slightly less contentious meeting. The Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview also shows Unser with Gemma, telling her that Jax is on his way for her.

Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma, previously teased a SOA spoiler tidbit that there would be an emotional scene ahead between Jax and Gemma before the series ended. Will that come in the December 2 episode, or will show creator Kurt Sutter save that for the finale? It could be that there will be some enticing Jax and Gemma material in both episodes, but fans will have to tune in to find out.

Other shots from the SOA spoiler preview show Jax telling Chibs not to worry, as he knows what he’s doing. There will be more gunfire and death, but who will be targeted this time? Jax will also sit down with the guys from Jury’s club to try to make things right.

Some have speculated that Jax will be voted out of the club as president, or he may vacate the position himself, over what happened with Jury. However, that’s all speculation at this point, and it’s not known exactly when that might happen within these last two episodes.

It seems that there will be interaction for SAMCRO with the Niners, the Irish, and the Mayans in “Red Rose.” Some of that will carry over into the series finale, if the cast credits on IMDb are correct. What about Juice? SOA fans have been waiting all season to see if Ortiz would live or die, and it seems he may have finally run out of time. Jax told Ortiz that he would make it quick since Juice finally told the truth about Tara’s death, surely meaning he would ensure that Juice’s death was done quickly.

There is a quick shot of Juice walking into a room with Tully in the “Red Rose” Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview. Toward the end of filming, Marilyn Manson shared a picture via Instagram showing him as his character, Tully, with blood spattered on his shirt and covering his hand. He added the simple note “Blood brother.” Though it’s not known for certain yet, many suspect that Manson’s photo and this brief shot from the promo tie together to indicate that Juice is about to be killed.

Everybody associated with the show has teased that the SOA ending will be satisfying yet unexpected, and viewers can’t wait to see it play out. It has also been revealed that there will be another another death yet this season, seemingly involving someone key to the show. Will this be Juice or someone else? It is hard to imagine Juice making it through these last two episodes alive, but one just never knows for certain when it comes to Kurt Sutter.

Kurt Sutter may now be shifting his focus to his new FX show, the upcoming The Bastard Executioner, but fans are still dying to see what he came up with for these final two SOA episodes. Tune in to Sons of Anarchy airing on December 2 to watch “Red Rose” and see how Jax and SAMCRO move forward after the stunning reveal regarding Tara’s death.

[Image via Byron Cohen/FX]