‘Big Hero 6’ Gets Unnecessary Censorship: Superhero Adventure Turns Into Dark Tale

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ box office hit Big Hero 6 is sending a different message thanks to a trailer modified by Kyle J. Britt. According to AV Club, the children’s movie has become a far darker tale of a foul-mouthed boy and his robot pal who may have been built for unseemly purposes.

But what is so special about the trailer that Britt modified? The answer: “unnecessary censorship”.

According to Know Your Meme, “unnecessary censorship” is the practice of adding censor bleeps, mosaic blurs, or black bars to source materials that were neither profane nor explicit to begin with. The bleeps are typically dubbed over words to make it sound as if they were explicit. Mosaic blurs and black bars are placed over people, objects, or text to make it appear as if they are covering up pornographic or explicit material.

Big Hero 6 Trailer with Unnecessary censorship

Britt, whose website says he is a digital director and strategist, is developing a knack for adding unnecessary censorship to popular animation and movie trailers.

His previous censored versions for Disney’s Frozen and Marvel Entertainment’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, have received a lot of views on popular video-sharing website YouTube. But his latest video of Big Hero 6 is painting the animation’s lead character, Hiro, and the already cuddly and lovable robot Baymax (who is used to promote the film) in a bad light. The bleeps make it the fun-filled family adventure film a far cry from what creators intended it to be.

According to Variety, Disney’s distribution chief, Dave Hollis, has admitted that 36 percent of the crowd that went to see Big Hero 6 during its opening weekend was under age 12.

“It works with older audiences, it’s not just families and kids.” Hollis said.

As a film viewed by many as one for the family and especially kids, Variety also reported that Big Hero 6 topped the charts with $56.2 million from 3,761 locations during its opening weekend.

That week, Disney’s new animation beat Paramount Pictures’ hit Interstellar, which scored $50 million from 3,561 locations according to studio estimates. But now with Kyle J. Britt’s unnecessary censorship added to the Big Hero 6 trailer, the animated film seems darker and less appropriate for the entire family especially the younger ones.

Despite the unnecessary censorship video, Big Hero 6 remains a big hit for many going to the cinemas.

But kids are not the only ones in love with the animated film. According to an Inquisitr report published earlier this month, so do robotics creators. A professor at the Carnegie Mellon University thinks it makes sense to use inflatable materials to build real-life robots like the lovable Baymax from Big Hero 6 to help treat patients who have illnesses like depression and Autism

[Image via A.V. Club]