WWE News: Kevin Steen’s WWE NXT Debut Set For This December

If you do not have the WWE Network, shame on you. The WWE’s newest creation in NXT has given us some of the best matches you can see in wrestling today. WWE has managed to bring in some of the top Indy wrestlers in the world. All of them need some sort of development, which puts them all in the same place at the same time. That place being NXT. It has resulted in brilliant matches and a lot of excitement for WWE’s future. It’s no wonder that NXT has been getting rave reviews from fans.

Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, and Adrian Neville have made their mark on NXT in the last number of months. All have the potential to be major stars for WWE in the future. Now WWE is set to add another great to their mix of talent. His name is Kevin Steen.

Steen is a former Ring of Honor World Champion. He is a world traveler who has done almost everything you can do on the Independent scene. Many wondered if WWE would have interest in such a guy, as he does not technically fit the standard look of a typical WWE Superstar. However, it seems that the WWE Executive of Talent Relations Triple H does not care about that. He looks at talent, and Steen has a good bit of that.

Steen is a very good technical wrestler who has an ability to get hardcore when needed. He is a very good promo guy, which allows him to work perfectly within the system WWE has designed for itself. In WWE, if you can cut a good promo, you have some sort of future. If you add in that you can also work well in the ring and be considered a threat to others, that only increases your chances of success in WWE today.

Steen promo

So when will WWE’s newest acquisition make his debut? NXT aired a promo last night with Steen that stated he would be appearing at NXT’s live special, WWE NXT: Evolution. The special is set to air on December 11. Steen also has a new WWE name. Obviously in WWE, regardless of how big you are outside of the company, they need you to change your name up a bit to be marketed by them. It is mainly so that they can own anything you do in WWE.

His name is now Kevin Owens. He came up with the name by using his favorite wrestler’s first name a bit, Owen Hart. Steen is from Canada and grew up a huge Hart Family fan. Owen was his favorite, and he wanted to honor him by using that name for his last name. Obviously an “S” was added to help the last name feel real.

Many are excited about the signing, as it seems to be proof that WWE is breaking away from their standard body builder type of guy. Triple H is concerned about bringing in talented guys and not on their look. While a good look helps and WWE can work with that, they realize that people coming in with talent seem to do far better than those that do not. Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and CM Punk have all been major stars in WWE the last few years. All have been to WrestleMania a few times and all have been in top storylines. However, all also worked on the Independent circuit, and thus came in with a lot of talent right away.

Steen is not your typical WWE guy, but that is what makes him work. Similar to Mick Foley and Bray Wyatt, Steen will be a different type of star. However, that potential is a huge deal for WWE. Fans are enjoying the possibilities that are ahead for Steen and his potential future. Many have already been booking a Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn match in fact.

[IMG Credits: wwe.com, fansided.com]