Michael Brown Verdict: Missouri Town Sitting On Top Of Powder Keg

Every day the Ferguson grand jury delays the Michael Brown verdict, you can see the people of that Missouri community get just a little bit more tense. The people tasked with determining whether police officer Darren Wilson committed a crime when he shot and killed Michael Brown have more on their hands than whether the verdict goes by the rule of law. That grand jury might not like it, but reports around the internet make it pretty clear those are the facts of the case.

One need to only look at one report that claims the Ferguson school district will be one of the first to be told when there is a decision reached. While there are as many as 600 reported protesters who have been trained to rally peacefully should the grand jury return a no-bill, not everyone is as worried about making sure no one is hurt. One particular group has come in favor of violence if the Michael Brown verdict doesn’t go the way they would like.

“We as a community of people, we aren’t going to use violent power,” said Michael McPhearson, co-chairman of the Don’t Shoot Coalition. “We’re going to use people power to change things.”

That is in stark contrast to a group called the RbG Black Rebels, who have taken to Twitter to threaten the lives of Darren Wilson and other people in the Ferguson community. Because of this, reports have circulated that Wilson has gone into hiding. Other reports indicate the police officer has been talking with his superiors about resigning and moving out of town before the Michael Brown grand jury can return a verdict.

Alerting the school districts to whatever happens before anyone else is obviously a way to try and keep children out of the crossfire of any danger that might arise. Just what the school district will do if the Michael Brown verdict comes down in one way or another hasn’t been said. For his part, the father of the shooting victim seems to be trying to keep his head while those around them are losing theirs.

The father of the slain teen took to YouTube on Thursday, posting a short video where he begged Ferguson to remain calm and keep the peace even in its citizens are disappointed about the outcome.

“My name is Michael Brown Sr, my family is hurting, our whole region is hurting,” he says in the video according to the Telegraph.

Whether or not these pleas will fall on deaf ears once the Michael Brown verdict comes down is anyone’s guess.