‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: How Far Along Is Filming With Chris Soules?

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules doesn’t premiere until January but fans are already buzzing about the new season. Reality Steve’s spoilers have already dished out some juicy tidbits, and it sounds like there are plenty more on the way. Where do things stand in regards to filming Season 19? From the sounds of Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers, that final rose is about to be presented and a possible engagement created.

Long-time fans know that the final rose ceremony typically takes place shortly before Thanksgiving and it seems that this season is no exception. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, The Bachelor 2015 has already filmed the overnight dates and Chris Soules is down to his final two ladies.

Interestingly, while Chris and his final three ladies are said to have filmed overnight dates in Bali, they are said to have returned to Iowa after the rose ceremony. Soules is from Iowa, but it is very unusual for the show to film at length in the lead’s home area, especially this late in the game. Many will be interested to see how this is presented when Season 19 airs.

Reality Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers have revealed that Soules and his final two ladies were doing their final dates, including meeting Chris’ family, this week in Iowa. The final rose ceremony will also be done in Iowa, and it is slated to take place within the next day or two, it seems. Steve has also said that he is certain that Soules will propose, but who will be the lucky lady?

Though Reality Steve’s spoilers have only identified three of the final four ladies, many The Bachelor spoiler fans have been digging and speculating already. Steve says that Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley and Jade Roper all got hometown dates, and another brunette unrevealed by Steve as of yet is rumored to be the fourth.

There have also been some murmurs about who went home just before going to Bali, but for now spoiler fans are waiting for more specifics. If the talk is accurate, the same bachelorette who has been stirring up some buzz online for her racy past may well be the one cut right after her hometown date was filmed.

A lot of the speculation online right now point to Whitney and Becca in particular as, perhaps, the two who would appear to be the key bachelorettes to watch in terms of Chris Soules’ final rose and the next likely lead for The Bachelorette. However, that final rose hasn’t been handed out yet, nor have the final three or two bachelorettes been officially spoiled. For now, The Bachelor spoiler fans will have to stay tuned to see how these final rose ceremonies play out.

Show creator Mike Fleiss has teased that Season 19 is going to be a wild ride and fans had better buckle up. Given some of the scoop coming out on Soules’ bachelorettes, spoiler fans are already anxious to see just how crazy the shenanigans get throughout Season 19. Who will receive Chris Soules’ final rose? Will he find love? Stay tuned for more The Bachelor 2015 spoilers and tune in for the 3-hour premiere airing on Monday, January 5.

[Image via ABC]