‘Final Fantasy’ For Your Smartphone?

Final Fantasy developer Square Enix does not know the meaning of “Final.” There is no end in sight for the mega gaming series, as Final Fantasy XV has a rumored release date and XIII-2 will be getting a PC version this December. What’s next, then, for the games and the company?

Of course, it is more Final Fantasy games for smartphones.

Famitsu App reports that two games and a Final Fantasy hub, of sorts, will be making their way to the app marketplace and will be available on Apple’s mobile platforms in 2015.

The first of the two is Final Fantasy Legends – Crystals of Time, a role playing game based on time travel. Kotaku gives a little more insight to the story of Crystals of Time.

“In a world divided into East and West by the folly of Man, the Eastern land of Ajima and Western land of Westa have been in unending conflict. On the island of Nabaru, located between the two warring lands, the young boy, Toumoro begins an adventure through time when he meets a young girl from the future, Emo (pronounced, ‘eh-mo’).”

The two, Toumoro and Emo, must travel through past, present, future, and even out of time itself in order to save the world from a dark and grisly future. Like the other Final Fantasy games, this one boasts the same command-base combat. The game will be free-to-play with some elements that must be purchased. Final Fantasy Legends – Crystals of Time will be available sometime this Winter.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the second of the two games. Square Enix joined together with Alim, developer of Brave Frontier, to bring forth an all new crystal story. Brave Evius follows Rein, the hero; Fiina, the heroine; and Rein’s rival, Raswell. The story line for this one has been kept under lock and key, but screenshots reveal the three battling along side characters from previous Final Fantasy games.

Once again, Brave Evius is free-to-play and has some content available for purchase, and will be available this winter.

Finally, the Final Fantasy Portal App is a multi-purpose tool for fans. Kotaku gives us a list of the uses for the app as well as information on the card game that is available with it.

“A tool for news about ‘Final Fantasy’ related games, books, music, goods, and events. Users can log in with a Square Enix ID to earn points to trade in for digital content and the chance to win various paraphernalia. The app will also include the ‘Triple Triad’ card game from ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ as one of its features.”

The Portal App will be released this winter, as well, and will be free to download with some for-pay content.

Gaming consoles or handheld devices are no longer needed for Fantasy fans as smartphones are now able to do it all. Final Fantasy Legends – Crystals of Time, Final Fantasy Brave Evius, and the Final Fantasy Portal App will all fit snugly into our pockets in a few shorts months.