Lady Gaga’s Workshop Opens at Barneys

Every year, Santa Claus has to make a terribly long journey from the North Pole to houses around the world. Lady Gaga has chosen a more convenient location for her Christmas workshop. Lady Gaga’s workshop is at Barneys in New York.

Lady Gaga may not have elves or reindeer, but she does have a bunch of little monsters and the help of Japan fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

So what is Lady Gaga’s workshop churning out for Christmas? Gaga is forgoing the traditional red wagons and snow globes for a more “Nightmare Before Christmas” feel.

Gaga said:

“It’s a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment. We wanted it all to be whimsical and fun, with a sense of art and fashion. I wanted it to be a wide spectrum.”

The LA Times reports that Gaga’s Workshop opened at Barneys in New York on Monday. People can also order unique Christmas gift items from Gaga’s workshop is selling everything from iPod covers to suckers to Lady Gaga motorcycle ornaments and stiletto stockings.

The special Barneys selection will also be giving money to charity. According to News AU, Lady Gaga will be donating 25% of every sale to her anti-bullying foundation the “Born This Way Foundation.”

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s Workshop? Is your fireplace in dire need of some stiletto stockings?

And Lady Gaga isn’t the only celebrity getting into the Holiday spirit in a unique way. Pamela Anderson will be playing the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Christmas special.