Wanna Hear A New Kanye West-Produced Track? Plus: What’s West Really Think Of The #BreakTheInternet Pics?

Kim Kardashian might have broken the internet with her risqué photo shoot for Paper Magazine, but she is a married woman after all. Just what does her husband Kanye West really think about the booty pics seen round the world? Plus, is Kanye dipping off to China to work on a sequel to Yeezus? Get all that plus a new Kanye West-produced track for free ninety-nine!

What with the continual speculation that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are heading toward Splitsville, Kim’s nudie turn in Paper has been taken by some to be a kiss-off to Kanye. The thinking goes that Kim is just flaunting her assets to the world to tease Kanye and show West what he’ll be missing when she’s gone.

Of course, that’s all speculation, as West hasn’t appeared to be anything but supportive of Kardashian’s racy pictorial. Word has it that Kanye might like Kim’s Paper cover more than any of us do.

“Kanye is getting the butt cover framed,” one source close to West told the Mirror. “He’s obsessed with all the pictures and with Kim.”

“[Kanye] bows down to her each day,” the source added.

Of course, you needn’t go to a “source close to West” in order to get Kanye’s opinion on the #BreakTheInternet pictures. Shortly after Kardashian’s photo shoot hit the web, West let us all know how he felt in a one-hashtag tweet.

While Kim has been dominating the headlines, Kanye is still on his grind. The paparazzi caught up with the rapper-turned-artist-turned-fashionista as he was on his way to China, and TMZ thought they might have gotten a snippet of juicy news on a forthcoming sequel to Kanye’s last album, Yeezus.

If you listen closely to the video, though, Kanye obviously doesn’t say he’s heading to China to work on “Yeezus.” Instead, he says he’s on his way to work on “Yeezys,” the latest edition of his shoe line. So there’s that. Still, Kanye is said to be prepping a new album for release some time soon, though he may well go the Beyonce route and simply drop one on us without warning.

If you’re fiendin’ for some new Kanye production, though, you could do worse than to check out his new work with Pusha T, “Lunch Money.” The track is off Pusha T’s forthcoming album, King Push, and Pusha says that Kanye’s fingerprints will be all over the collection.

“The concept for ‘Lunch Money,’ it was a concept Kanye West had,” Pusha said in an interview with MTV News. “And [Kanye] knows that when he does these unorthodox tracks that I’m probably gonna be the first one up to bat… So he played it for me and man, I just went at it.”

[Lead image via PurpMagazine.]

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