Woman Trapped Under Car Rescued By Crowd Of Onlookers [Video]

A woman trapped under a car following an accident in China, was rescued by a crowd of onlookers, who banded together to lift the vehicle and set her free.

The amazing video shows how the woman and her husband as they are riding their motorcycle in the Zhejian Province of China, when they are hit by a white car. The husband escapes unharmed, however, the wife is not as lucky and ends up pinned under the car.

The accident took place at a crossing, as the driver of the car apparently failed to yield and hit the motorcycle. Amazingly, complete strangers come to the trapped woman's aid and lifted the car so she could be set free.

Along with the onlookers, a police officer who was present at the time of the accident rushes to the scene and helps lift the car off the trapped woman. At first only a few strangers are seen coming to help, but the crowd quickly grows as the situation is obviously urgent.

Initially, a group is seen trying to lift the white car from by the hood and later on more people join in to help the trapped woman.

The accident was clearly the white car's fault, but the woman was very lucky that the witnesses were ready to help within minutes and save the woman from being crushed by the weight of the vehicle. Several people, pushed the car from the side, while others lifted it.

First on the scene was the car's driver and the police officer, who came to assist the desperate husband. A silver van is also seen in the video and the driver stops and gets out to help.

According to reports in the media, following the rescue, the trapped woman was taken to a local hospital where she is recovering from her injuries. The amazing video shows how complete strangers worked together to save her from under the white car. No word on whether any charges will be filed against the driver of the white car or the couple in the motorcycle.

[Image via Youtube]