Texas Teacher Gets To Perform ‘Bang Bang’ On ‘The Ellen Show’ [Video]

Here is a version of “Bang Bang” like you’ve never heard before! The hit song, which was originally performed by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, has had a makeover courtesy of Ellen Degeneres. The original video, which has gotten over 100 million views on YouTube, just might be surpassed by Sandra Collier’s version.

Ellen Degeneres is known for dancing on her show, but she also has what she refers to as “audience singers” where she plays some music, gives the audience a microphone to pass around, and they can sing their hearts out while Ellen is back in her dressing room preparing and watching them. It was during one of these performances that Ellen met Sandra Collier, as she sang Madonna’s “Get Into The Groove.”

While Sandra did not know all the words, seeing as how she repeated “know you’re mine” more times than it’s written in the lyrics, her energy was contagious as she belted out the words and got the people around her involved by holding out the microphone to have them join in with her. Watching Sandra made Ellen laugh so hard that she was crying, holding a tissue to her eye as she shared with the audience how happy watching Sandra had made her.

Ellen then called and invited the Texas native to return to the show, but only with one condition, that Collier perform the hit “Bang Bang.” The 65-year-old teacher responded gratefully saying that, “You bet! I’m a teacher, I know how to take a test.”

She admitted to having to wait three years to get tickets to be in the Ellen Show audience and ended up having to attend the show on her own because her sister couldn’t make it at the last minute. Ellen made sure to tell Sandra to bring a friend this time.

The segment opens with what appears to be a serious advertisement for the American Music Awards, which are set to air Sunday, November 23. It soon becomes clear, though, that this clip is meant to introduce Sandra, as the clip ends with advertising a special tribute to Madonna from singing sensation Sandra Collier.