’16 and Pregnant’ Star Shares Ultrasound Video To Confirm Pregnancy

When it comes to subsequent pregnancies, the girls of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant are not immune. Of course, it isn’t too crazy to think that some of the girls who appeared on the first three seasons of the show would conceive again, especially considering that they are no longer teenagers. However, the pregnancy announcement of one 16 and Pregnant alum has some fans wondering if it is authentic.

It seems strange for someone to question a pregnancy announcement, but it is widely believed that Nikkole Paulun may have faked her second pregnancy. According to Nikkole Paulun the pregnancy ended in a late term miscarriage, but some speculated that she faked the entire pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Whether or not that is true or not is unknown, but what is known is that the 16 and Pregnant star who appeared on the second season of the show is indeed expecting this time. She proved it to skeptical fans with ultrasound photos and a video of her ultrasound.

The ultrasound shows that Nikkole Paulun is almost 6 weeks pregnant with her child. She pointed out that on the ultrasound seven weeks is shown, but that was going off of her last menstrual cycle. It turns out that, through measurement on the ultrasound, the actual date isn’t too far off and puts Nikkole Paulun at a due date of July 12, 2015. Of course, at only 5 weeks and 5 days into the pregnancy it is hard to see much of anything on the ultrasound. In fact, the 16 and Pregnant star was not even able to hear her child’s heartbeat, but a flicker was visible on the ultrasound, showing that the baby does indeed have a heartbeat.

Aside from the recently posted ultrasound video, the 16 and Pregnant star also shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram. Of course there isn’t too much of a bump there just yet, but it will get bigger as the pregnancy progresses.

So far, Nikkole Paulun has talked about having terrible morning sickness which isn’t too uncommon pregnancy. She has stated that she has already tried the Zofran, which is commonly prescribed to pregnant women, but that it did not give her any relief. Even though she has about three more months to go until she can find out the gender of her baby, the former 16 and Pregnant star is already thinking about baby names with the father of her child.

On Nikkole Paulun’s season of 16 and Pregnant, four girls were chosen to continue their stories on Teen Mom 2. Although Nikkole was not picked for the show, she has remained a staple in Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant news online perhaps more than any other alum that did not appear on the spin-off.

She is not the first 16 and Pregnant cast member to get pregnant again, either. Ebony Jackson appeared on the first season of the show and was one of only two girls who did not get to go on to the original Teen Mom. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ebony gave birth to a second child as well.

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