‘Bringing Up Bates’ Baby News: Alyssa And John Expecting First Child

There is a new Bringing Up Bates baby on the way, as Alyssa Bates and John Webster are expecting their first child. The two wed in May and now they are expecting their first baby in April 2015.

Us Weekly shares the scoop on the Webster baby. Alyssa, 20, and John, 25, are said to be overwhelmed with excitement over the pregnancy. John is the son of Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, and Alyssa is part of the family familiar to many 19 Kids & Counting fans, the Bates family. The Bates family has a new reality TV show premiering on UP TV in January.

Just like the Duggar family, the Bates family has 19 children. The two families have been friendly for some time, and the Bates family has been featured on 19 Kids & Counting more than once. The family did have a short-lived show of their own on TLC, United Bates of America, but now they are doing a new show on a new network.

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates recently became grandparents for the first time when their son Zach had a baby with his wife Whitney on October 29. In fact, Alyssa and John recently had a chance to meet the new Bates family baby, Bradley Gilvin, earlier in the month, surely already knowing that they had baby news of their own still under wraps for fans of the family.

Naturally Kelly Jo, 47, and Gil, 49, are thrilled to have another grandchild on the way. As UP TV shares, the Bates family does share some significant similarities to the Duggar family. Only side hugs are permitted until a couple is married, though some front hugs can be shared on special occasions. The family watches little-to-no television and the girls may wear only dresses, other than pajamas worn in private. The children range in age from 2 to 25, and Alyssa is the sixth-oldest in the family.

The Bates family lives in Tennessee, and Alyssa was the third of the children to get married. Sister Erin recently got married as well. Additionally, Michaella has also been in a courtship. According to ABC News, Alyssa and John, much like the Duggar family rules of courtship, had never been alone together throughout their year of dating until they got married. They also had very little physical contact until they said their wedding vows.

Alyssa and John’s wedding had 600 invited guests, including the 19 Kids & Counting Duggar family. She is now the first of the family to move away from the Tennessee town where the Bates have lived. Alyssa and John now live in Orlando, Florida. That may mean that fans won’t get to see all that much of her on the family’s new show, but surely there will be some check-ins much like viewers see with Anna and Josh Duggar on 19 Kids.

The family’s new show, Bringing Up Bates, premieres on UP TV on January 1.

[Image via Alyssa Webster’s Instagram]