Neo-Nazis Pranked By Brilliant German Village [Video]

We’ve all heard of walk-a-thons, and millions participate in walk-a-thons each year to help raise money for charities or health research. But have you ever heard of people walking in a walk-a-thon in which they are raising money to destroy their own organization? That’s exactly what happened in Germany to a group of neo-Nazis, but not by their choice. They were pranked.

It takes some real guts to prank a group of neo-Nazis, and an anti-extremist group called EXIT is just that bold!

Each and every November for several decades, neo-Nazi demonstrators have intruded on a small village in Germany called Wunsiedel, according to the Washington Post.

Their purpose is to march through the town in an effort to commemorate the National Heroes’ Remembrance Day by honoring the grave of Rudolf Hess. Hess, as reported by Y Net News, was Adolf Hitler’s Deputy.

Hess’ grave was located in the village of Wunsiedel until 2011 when the lease agreement ran out and the grave was removed. However, the neo-Nazis continued to disrupt and march through the village, “glorifying the horrors of the Third Reich” as reported by Washington Post.

Y Net News reveals that the residents of Wunsiedel, who number close to 1,000, tried to stop the neo-Nazi demonstrations every year by doing such things as holding counter demonstrations in a peaceful manner. However, they have been unsuccessful in every endeavor.

This year was different. With the help of a local charity stepping up to the plate called EXIT, they were able to rally the local businesses together in an effort to stage a charity walk. Only, with ever step the neo-Nazis took in their defiant march, they would be raising money to defeat themselves.

The Washington Post reveals that with every meter walked, the local businesses would donate $12.50 to EXIT, which is “a nongovernmental organization devoted to making it easier for neo-Nazis to leave behind their hateful politics” by giving them the support they need to leave the milieu.

The neo-Nazis were unaware of this sneaky, yet brilliant prank until their march was already well underway. As they marched through the village, residents hung colorful signs with slogans revealing their intent for their march and even thanked the extremists for their efforts in helping them raise money for their organization.

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One sign in particular read, “If the Fuhrer would know.” The neo-Nazis kept their somber expressions and tried to ignore the banners. But they couldn’t completely ignore the markings on the ground painted on by the residents which indicated how many meters they had marched, and thus, how much money they had raised as reported by Y Net News.

Over $12,000 was raised by the neo-Nazis to fight against the neo-Nazis.

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