'Destiny' Iron Banner Returns Tuesday With Changes And New Rewards

Bungie must be satisfied with the Destiny 1.03 patch released Monday to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developer confirmed that Iron Banner 2.0 will kick off Tuesday, November 18 with a number of improvements over the first event.

The special event crucible playlist will welcome level 20 Guardians and above in multiplayer matches. Those under that level will need a player that's over level 20 to bring you along. You can also expect to struggle some as it appears that power will matter this time around.

Unlike the heavily criticized first round of Iron Banner, the gear and weapons equipped matter. The defense rating of armor will affect how players take damage, while the attack rating of weapons will affect how you deal damage. Bungie previously stated that players within three levels of each other can be competitive. However, even lower-level players with fully upgraded high-end weapons can be a threat against high-level players.

Bungie is also adding an all-new set of level 30 gear as part of the rewards for competing in the Iron Banner. This includes new gauntlets and boots. Of course, what you gain and when you can get it depends on how you rank up.

Rank 1

  • Unlock Iron Banner Emblem – 10 percent boost to Iron Banner reputation gain when equipped
Rank 2
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader – Additional 10 percent boost to Iron Banner reputation gain when equipped
Rank 3
  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
Rank 4
  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Items
  • Unlock Iron Banner Class Item - Additional 10 percent boost to Iron Banner reputation gain when equipped
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
Rank 5
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader Item
Destiny Iron Banner (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

If you can't catch the Iron Banner at the beginning because of responsibilities and other life events, you'll have a chance to catch up as the week wears on. Tempered buffs will become available in twelve hour windows to boost your reputation gains.

Those unhappy with the weapons they've picked up through the Iron Banner will have the chance to Reforge them. This will reset the progression on the weapons and assign new perks. However, it will cost you Motes of Light to reforge.

There's no word on when exactly the Iron Banner will start, but expect it to either be early in the morning or around noon ET. Will you jump into Iron Banner 2.0? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]