Farrah Abraham's House Price Reduced

Corrina Jean

Farrah Abraham, of former Teen Mom fame, has successfully made the move from reality television show star to entrepreneur. While some may question the ways that she chose to distance herself from her MTV persona, there is no doubt that Farrah is doing pretty well. The fact that she is doing so well is apparent with the star's Austin, Texas home.

The house in question is the one in which Farrah lived when she filmed her Being Farrah special for MTV. Some fans questioned whether or not she actually owned the home, though. The house appeared to be a model home and the accompanying furniture only helped to accentuate that detail. However, it turns out that the home had been a former model home and was built in 2011. The furniture that looked suspiciously like the kind of furniture that is in a model home, Farrah had actually purchased as furnishing staples.

Despite the home being located in a beautiful part of Austin, and the community offering a wide variety of amenities, Farrah Abraham has decided that it is time to sell the house and move on to something better and potentially bigger. According to Starcasm, the house was listed early in November at $750,000 which was a reduction from $780,000. However, as of November 15, the price of the house has been reduced again, and the asking price now sits at $650,000 according to Enstarz.

The house boasts four bedrooms with four full baths along with one half bath. Included with the house are separate guest accommodations. The monthly HOA fees come in at $105 a month. An open house for the property was held over the weekend and Farrah Abraham tweeted to her 972,000 Twitter followers about the open house, probably in hopes of helping to boost interest.

Farrah is still working in the Austin, Texas area (Farrah's gig at a gentlemen's club runs through New Year's Eve) and she is also opening up a restaurant in the area, which has been a long time dream of hers. In fact, there was a time when it was rumored the former Teen Mom would land her own spin-off, which would focus on her culinary endeavors. That fell through and there has not been any mention of such a show since.

It is unclear if Farrah Abraham will stay in the Austin area, but it seems likely that she will due to her endeavors. As reported previously by the Inquisitr, Farrah has been doing a lot of work lately, including hosting a male peep show. Although she works often in the Austin area, she also travels to California frequently for work.

[Image via Twitter]