Sonic Decanter Promises To ‘Age’ Wine, Improve Flavor In Minutes

A company called Dionysus Technology Concepts is offering the Sonic Decanter on Kickstarter, a device that uses high-frequency sound waves to alter compounds in wine, transforming young bottles and making them taste markedly better, as if they were finely aged.

According to the Daily Mail, the Sonic Decanter relies on a patented technology that utilizes ultrasound to change the molecular structure of wine, making bargain bottles taste smoother and more intense. The Sonic Decanter purportedly breaks down compounds like sulfur dioxide, a common additive used to preserve wine. The decanting process takes as little as 10 minutes, and can be started using either buttons on the Sonic Decanter, or through the company’s smartphone app.

John Allen, a 30-year wine shop owner and industry veteran, backs up claims of the Sonic Decanter’s abilities, as CNET notes.

“I saw the Sonic Decanter change wine in ways that I had not expected,” he said. “It makes wines that may have a bit too much ‘grip’ or tannins much softer, more flavorful… makes the wine more gentle…more drinkable.”

As the company notes on its Kickstarter page, the Sonic Decanter produces a more energetic reaction in wine than traditional aging, allowing for a more complete molecular change. The device also expels natural gases like oxygen, as it reduces the pH of wine.

“When used on wine the Sonic Decanter promotes further extraction of flavors, aromas and mouth feel from interactions among phenolics and anthocyanins which results in smoother more integrated mouth feel and a smooth, flavorful lingering finish,” they explained.

The Sonic Decanter is able to “age” a Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay in just 10 minutes, while Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah will take around 20 minutes to complete the process. The company notes that the Sonic Decanter can also be used to “reinvigorate” a bottle of wine that has been previously opened or re-corked.

The Sonic Decanter is far from the only interesting gadget to seek funding through Kickstarter. Last month, a campaign to fund the Air Umbrella, which deflects rainwater with forced air, was extremely successful, as the Inquisitr noted.

Backers of the Sonic Decanter can get the device, planned to launch in June of 2015, for as little as $129.

[Image: CNET via Twitter]