Marine Talks About Mila Kunis Date

It turns out that Mila Kunis is not only a rising actress in Hollywood, she’s also “down to earth” according to Sgt. Scott Moore, the Marine who she accompanied to this past weekends Marine Corp. Ball.

Speaking to Access Hollywood Sgt. Moore gave up a few details about his night with the TV and Movie star. According to the Marine:

“She looked very good,” he said. “I think all the gentlemen and ladies there were dressed to impress and she was definitely right along with that crowd.”

Moore also revealed that:

“She’s just a normal person. She was very interested in what the ball was all about.”

Part of the couple’s evening was spent making introductions to everyone at the ball, not surprising considering who their guest was and Moore says she also danced with him.

When asked if he will ever see her again Moore responded:

“She’s really busy shooting a movie right now,” and “I’m pretty busy doing the Marine stuff. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.”

With Justin Timberlake and now Mila Kunis both admitting that they had a wonderful time at their respective Marine Corp. Balls it will be interesting to see if any other celebrities accept similar invitations from YouTube fans.

Do you think Mila Kunis attending the ball and fitting in which the Marine’s and their dates is a surprise?

[Image via Cpl. Johnny Merkley]