Hugh Grant Testifies, Says British News Outlet “Mail on Sunday” Hacked His Phone

Actor Hugh Grant made an appearance this week in a British court room to testify that his cell phone had been hacked by Mail on Sunday a conservative newspaper owned by Britain’s Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT).

According to the Notting Hill and About A Boy actor the newspaper took personal details from his cell phone and then used those details to fabricate a story about his personal life.

In his testimony he points to a story in which the paper says his relationship was in trouble because of “late night phone calls with a plummy-voice studio executive.”

According to Grant that “plummy-voiced” studio executive was an English woman at a Los Angeles production company. Grant testified that the only way the messages could have been made public would be if the company had stolen them from his Smartphone.

According to the Telegraph Grant testified that:

“Sometimes when we spoke we’d have a joke about English stuff, Marmite or whatever,” while noting that her voice can “only be described as “plummy.”

Calling out The Mail for their story he said of the situation:

But the story was totally untrue, and “I would love to hear what the (Mail on Sunday‘s) explanation of that is, if it wasn’t phone hacking.”

At least it wasn’t another case of News Corp. hacking into a person’s person life, on the other hand it shows how little respect various news agencies have for privacy rights.

Do you think hefty fines should be given to news outlets who are caught violating basic search rights regardless of their country of origin?

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