CM Punk On 'Talking Dead': Daryl Dixon And Carol Have 'Sexual Tension' On 'The Walking Dead'

Patrick Frye

When CM Punk showed up on Talking Dead late Sunday night it was under his WWE wrestling name. This was quite a change since the last time he used his real name, Phil Brooks, to represent himself when speaking about The Walking Dead.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Colt Cabana says CM Punk is happy based upon a recent interview and it would seem this is true since CM Punk and AJ Lee celebrated their marriage publicly on social media. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman claims CM Punk is still the best in the world when it comes to wrestling and a recently released MMA video featuring Punk seems to prove it.

It's rumored that The Walking Dead could eventually make Daryl Dixon gay, and it's said that Norman Reedus is fine with the idea, although he does admit he would want any romance to be fairly awkward. While CM Punk did not comment on that particular rumor, Phil did admit he was surprised that Daryl and Carol did not get together when they slept near each other in episode six.

"It is completely ridiculous that they didn't hook up," CM Punk insisted. "There was some sexual tension drawn out there. There's people who want to see him hook up with Beth, but that's so weird and ridiculous."

Other Walking Dead fans might agree or disagree with CM Punk on that one depending on which "team" they are part of. Similar to the Twilight series, which had Team Edward and Team Jacob, some fans are rooting for their favorite female characters to eventually hook up with Daryl Dixon.

CM Punk also admitted that he hates many character when they first show up. "I have a hard time trusting any new characters on the show," Punk admitted. The others involved in Talking Dead joked that Punk wasn't actually in the show, but the wrestler believes his impression of Noah was changed based upon the way he watches The Walking Dead.

"I look at things from that perspective," Punk responded. "But it's interesting because if we would have seen him at first when he was stealing the guns, everyone would have hated him."

When it comes to Carol shooting at Noah, CM Punk believes she was actually trying to kill him. "You shoot a person in the legs, I don't know if he doesn't die anyway," CM Punk said.