Watch Steve Carell Sing ‘Shake It Off’- Plus Taylor Swift’s Reaction [Video]

Steve Carell revealed he’s a fan of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” and provided an a cappella rendition of the hit song to prove it. The Office star was promoting Foxcatcher when he started singing “Shake It Off” after interviewer Richard Travers asked him what kind of music he hears in his head. Travers cracked up afterwards and admitted that it was the last thing he ever expected of the star from that question.

After busting out his own version of “Shake It Off,” Carell must’ve felt the need to explain his sincerity because he made sure the world knew that he was not kidding around.

“I love it,” he says in the video. “I actually love Taylor Swift. I think she’s great.”

According to ET Canada, the admiration was totally mutual. The “Shake It Off” singer promptly tweeted about the incident. That tweet, where Swift linked to the video of Carell singing “Shake It Off” was shared over 9,000 times by Sunday evening.

In contrast to his a cappella rendition of “Shake It Off,” the former star of The Office was actually at the interview to promote what Yahoo! Movies called “the darkest role of his career.” His character, a highly disturbed millionaire heir, transformed the comedian into a stellar dramatic actor. Though just as Carell was able to pull some honestly tragic moments into his role as Michael Scott, a quirky manager at a paper company, according to Yahoo! Movies, he manages to fit some chuckles into his role as John du Pont in the tragedy Foxcatcher.

Though Gossip Cop said that the “Shake It Off” songstress was freaking out over hearing such a diversely talented star compliment her music, the celebrity gossip magazine also said she was freaking out when Modern Family star Jesse Tyler tweeted “You guys, I think I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift.” Swift wrote back that she was so excited about the tweet that she called her mother and did a reading of it for her cats. “Freaking out” might be an extreme description, but Swift was clear about her excitement.

Who is to say which made Swift more excited, but when Carell sang “Shake It Off” and announced he was a fan of Swift, most of the tweet was not actually decipherable.

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