Alyssa Milano Questions Why The Heat For Breast Feeding Photos When Kim Kardashian Gets Praise For Nudity

Alyssa Milano is calling out the public over what she sees as a double-standard. The actress and new mother posted selfies of her and new baby daughter as she breast fed. This accompanied a photo shoot in which the mother of two paid homage to supermodel Gisele, as reported by the Inquisitr. Those photos, plus her two selfies while breastfeeding, received considerable public backlash.

What Alyssa Milano wants to know is why her photos while breastfeeding are considered in bad taste while photos of Kim Kardashian in full nudity are “art.” The photos she refers to, of course, are the suite shown in Paper Magazine’s 2014 winter issue, in which the reality star goes completely nude in what is commonly referred to as the “breaking the Internet” series.

Alyssa Milano clearly doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Kim Kardashian’s shoot, she just questions why the reality star’s booty is praised while her own breastfeeding is not. On the other hand, Kardashian has also received plenty of backlash for her latest (and most revealing, outside of Playboy) nudity romp on glossy pages. As PopCrush reports, Naya Rivera, for example, is none too pleased with Kim’s attempt to “Break the Internet.”

“I mean.. it really is an unbelievable ass.”

To show no hard feelings, Alyssa Milano followed on her tweet asking about Kardashian’s photos versus her own with a compliment to Kim’s rear end (above). Milano, others note, has a good point. Not about Kardashian’s assets, but about the fallout her own lightly-skinned breastfeeding photos drew.

The hashtag #‎normalisepublicbreastfeeding‬ began trending on Facebook as websites like You Beauty are applauding the new mother’s stance on breastfeeding. Alyssa Milano, they say, should be a new celebrity for the Free the Nipple cause, a breastfeeding awareness campaign.

Meanwhile, at least one Kim Kardashian fan was unahppy with Milano’s “attack” calling it a “mean slam.”

All of this, note commentators, shows an apparent divide in society. The Alyssa Milano photos are selfies of a new mother breastfeeding and have little nudity — almost none, in fact — while the Kim Kardashian photos are fully nude, retouched, and at least somewhat sexual in nature. Somehow, the photos of Alyssa Milano breastfeeding are seen in a more negative light by many while those of a fully nude Kim Kardashian are not.

It’s a fair question and one worthy of discussion.

[Lead image via New York Natives]