'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Script Stolen, Will A Huge Spoiler Leak?

American Horror Story fans should be on the look out for a major leak! A very important script from the Freak Show season was stolen. To have any script stolen from a large production is a nightmare, but this is the worst case scenario for those on American Horror Story: Freak Show set.

Production on the series is super careful about not leaking any details until a week or two before the season starts. Once it all begins, there's absolutely no hints given on what's in store. It's such a secretive set that actress Angela Bassett told the Inquisitr that she doesn't even know what's happening from script to script.

At the time Bassett said, "I didn't have a clue whatsoever what the part might encompass when I signed on. All I knew is that I had a great time the previous year and if that was any indication than it was going to be a wild ride. It was about two weeks before I was scheduled to start shooting that I got the script."

According to TMZ, the theft occurred on set of the production in New Orleans.

"The theft occurred on set during a filming last week in New Orleans. We're told one of the actors was reading a script and left some pages behind and someone pilfered them."

Now the script is being shopped around to the highest bidder, and once that script is sold, there's a huge reveal that might leak out.

"It's only one page but it is hugely important. Without revealing specifics, we can tell you it involves Pepper the pinhead and a scene that reveals how she ended up in the Briarcliff Manor during Season 2, 'Asylum.'"

The production behind American Horror Story: Freak Show is taking this as a serious issue. 20th Century TV told TMZ, "The theft and unauthorized distribution of our scripts is a very serious matter and we will take all appropriate steps necessary to vigorously protect our intellectual property."

So far, we know that something happened over at the Asylum where Pepper came from. We saw Pepper in a story arc during the Asylum season, but we didn't get to see what happened to her beyond that setting until Freak Show premiered. Right now, it's unknown how she escaped, but it's safe to say Elsa had a huge role in that.

Hopefully, the powers that be can get a hold of the page before it gets distributed. With technology these days, you can take a photo with a smartphone and automatically save it as a PDF, which makes it even easier to pass around and read on the internet.

[Image via 20th Century TV]