‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Lana Parrilla Teases Steamy Outlaw Queen Scene

Once Upon a Time isn’t done tormenting Regina with steamy Outlaw Queen scenes.

Last week, Robin Hood gave up on trying to be good — he technically cheated on his popsicle wife by making out with Regina. The thief is supposed to be an honorable man, but there’s just something about the Evil Queen that brings out his bad side. And according to actress Lana Parrilla, he’s not finished toying with Regina’s tortured heart.

Parrilla told TV Fanatic that this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time will show Regina continuing to struggle with the idea that she’ll never get a happy ending. However, it sounds like the Evil Queen will get a nice consolation prize in the form of a super sexy Outlaw Queen moment.

“We’ll also see something that I think the audience has been waiting for between Regina and Robin Hood. Something quite juicy. So I would just say that it may be frozen in Storybrooke but it gets a little hot and steamy in their life.”

Robin Hood better know what he’s doing — after all, Christian Grey was once Regina’s lover.

Even though Regina is messing around with Maid Marian’s husband, she doesn’t want to win Robin Hood by default whenever his wife dies — the Evil Queen wants the outlaw to choose her while his wife is alive and conscious. Lana Parrilla pointed out that Regina has come a long way since the early episodes of Once Upon a Time, and she’s trying not to be so selfish and devious.

“She definitely wants to save her because she loves Robin and she knows how much it means to him, and I also think there’s this underlying guilt because she has killed Marian and so she lives with that guilt… I don’t think she’s going to give up trying to find some sort of counter-spell or some sort of resolution to bring Marian back. Now what happens thereafter will be, you know, a surprise for many.”

Merry Man/Knave Will Scarlet is currently single, and he and Marian have a history. Perhaps they can bond over their broken hearts.

Even though her love life is still a hot mess, Regina is actually ready to forgive Emma for playing a part in ruining her shot at a happy ending.

“I think in this season we’re seeing a lot of growth in her and she’s learning to forgive and so she forgives Emma especially after that long speech that Emma shared with her in Regina’s vault. She said, no one really understands me but you and I think Regina really took that to heart and has made amends with Emma and they’re just going to drive forward and continue to work together like they have in past seasons.”

Unfortunately for Swan Queen fans, it doesn’t sound like Emma and Regina will be spending much time together in tomorrow’s episode of Once Upon a Time. While Regina is busy with Robin Hood and Operation Mongoose, Emma and Elsa will be sparring with the Snow Queen. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Emma will try to get rid of her powers in “Smash the Mirror.” She lost control of her magic in last week’s episode, and she’s terrified that she’s going to harm her loved ones. In the sneak peek below, Emma asks Mr. Gold for his help.

Emma might need her powers if she wants to save Storybrooke from what’s coming this week on Once Upon a Time — according to ET Online, the Snow Queen is going to unleash the Spell of Shattered Sight. Belle previously stated that the spell will turn everyone in town against each other, and it will likely do this by making them reveal their dark sides (much like Belle did when looking into the Snow Queen’s mirror).

The Snow Queen recently retrieved her sisters’ ribbons from Rumple, so perhaps she’s planning on using the love-infused items to protect Elsa and Emma from the Shattered Sight spell. After all, Ingrid doesn’t want to hurt the beautiful blondes — she just wants them to become her new sisters.

Elizabeth Mitchell talked to ET Online about the Snow Queen’s desperate desire for a family that cares about her.

“What it comes down to is she’s searching for love and no one has really taught her how and I have always thought of her as a kid and I’ve played her as a kid. I definitely have kind of played her as a very childlike, yet wounded kid who is going after what she wants and thinking she deserves it.”

Mitchell described the aftermath of the Spell of Shattered Sight as “terrifying” and “really, really, really horrible,” so Once Upon a Time fans better get ready for a very dark episode.

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