Inside Donald Trump's Private Jet: Leather Throne, Gold Seat Belt Buckles In $100 Mil Luxury Plane

What's inside Donald Trump's $100 million private jet? The Daily Mail reports that the 68-year-old mogul allowed cameras to take a peek inside the ultra-luxurious plane, shortly after he arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, to announce a partnership with the Prestwick Airport and Trump Turnberry resort.

Trump showed off his Boeing 757 jet on Friday, and it's not your average private plane. Aside from the spacious lounge area, comfy sofas, a gourmet kitchen, and a private bedroom with a double bed (not a king?), there are some amenities that will make the economy flight you booked for your upcoming vacation feel a bit inadequate.

A few of the most outrageous features of Donald Trump's private jet include a toilet that resembles a throne — it's hidden under a white leather chair that flips up to reveal the toilet. There are gold faucets on the bathroom sink, a roomy circular shower, and the ultimate in airplane luxury — 24-karat gold seat belt buckles on the white leather seating. Nothing says on-board safety like a sturdy gold seat belt buckle. [See video tour of Trump's private jet above]

Scotland Now reports that the Glasgow airport is the Scottish base for all Trump Aviation Operations, including The Celebrity Apprentice star's $100 million Boeing 757 and his Sikorsky 76B Helicopter that is worth a paltry $10 million.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has reportedly been running at a loss, and Trumps plans to bring more private flights into the airport that may be its saving grace. He hopes tourists who are heading to his multi-million dollar Trump Turnberry Resort will land at the airport in Glasgow, something that will benefit both the Trump Organization and the airport.

"We are going to have planes coming in from New York and all over, very high-level planes like Gulf Streams and Bombardiers. We are going to have a lot of private aircraft flying in, groups or individuals. We expect to be using the airport quite a bit. We are going to make this really successful. You are going to get a lot of business."
The Trump Turnberry resort is scheduled to be completed in 2016. The Associated Press reports that Trump purchased the golf course and resort in April for an estimated $63 million. He plans to invest a rumored $380 million into refurbishing the resort's hotel, complete with a brand new ballroom and completely redesigned suites.

During the resort's transformation, Donald Trump will be jetting back and forth from the U.S. to Glasgow in style, with his $100 million jet at the ready, complete with monogrammed pillows to rest his head on.