WWE News: Chris Jericho Says Dean Ambrose Is The Next Big Thing

Special people own the ability to predict things to come. In the WWE and professional wrestling industry altogether, it is very hard to predict the “next big thing.” Only few who are at the opposite end of that prediction actually come to fruition. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are two guys that were given that moniker. Those two are arguably the most popular wrestlers in history.

Throughout wrestling’s rich history, not many have the ability to predict future stars quite like Mick Foley, Jim Ross, and Chris Jericho. Foley called the Damien Sandow-mania that would take place. Right now, he’s top 5 in pops every night. Ross scouted the Rock and predicted he would be a “blue-chipper.” Rocky is top 5 all-time. As for Jericho, he’s always had the keen eye for success in wrestling.

Jericho’s next target of adulation happens to be a very popular WWE superstar, and is someone that wasn’t supposed to surpass his former Shield members.

“Chris Jericho cut a promo after last night’s main event at the WWE live event in Glasgow, Scotland and put over Dean Ambrose big time, as seen in the video above. Jericho said he believes Ambrose is the next big thing in WWE and is taking over one day. They ended the show with some air guitar.”

Jericho putting over Ambrose wouldn’t occur on Monday Night Raw because it isn’t supposed to be Ambrose overshadowing Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. The ladder of success is apparently going to be: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and then Dean Ambrose. In fact, it should be the other way around. Ambrose is the hottest wrestler the WWE has right now.

The pops he receives every single night are deafening. It isn’t just the IWC marks that cheer for Ambrose, but rather the children and women too. It doesn’t hurt to look good, and Ambrose knows that. His style in the ring is universal and adds a technical, yet aggressive style to the ring. Don’t forget that he can carry a match with just about anybody in the WWE.

Just like how Triple H joked about wrestling a broomstick a few years ago on Raw, Ambrose wrestling a broomstick would get better ratings than most of the matches on Raw normally. Jericho’s presence is already being felt in the WWE, after a brief hiatus to tour with his band.

He was interviewed by Michel Cole and unofficially inserted himself with the Authority storyline. Having somebody like Jericho on your side is better than people think. To clarify, when Jericho thinks you’re the next big thing in WWE, believe him.

[Image via cagesideseats.com]