New ‘Minecraft’ TU18 Tease Has Donkeys And More, PS Vita Retail Version Inbound

Minecraft Donkey (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita)Minecraft Donkey (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita)

4J Studios hasn’t run out of new Minecraft things to tease us with for Title Update 18 (TU18). The developer has yet another image up confirming the appearance of several new mobs and items for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the sandbox game from the fabled Horse Update that was released to the PC.

The reveal was made in the customary manner via an off-screen picture of Minecraft in action posted to Twitter. In this case, it is the Xbox One version of the game showing the inventory menu for a donkey.

Here’s a slightly zoomed in look. Zooming in any more than this makes everything too blurry.

Minecraft TU18 Donkey Tease (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita)

Aside from the donkey, the image also confirms leads, coal blocks, name tags, and hay stacks. Of course, you can see a couple of horses in the background too, but I already reported on their appearance in TU18. There’s still no hint at a release date for TU18.

4J Studios will typically announce that a Minecraft update has been sent to Microsoft and Sony for certification, and then we’ll see the update within one to two weeks after that. This is possibly the largest update yet for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles though, as it combines three PC updates into one, as I reported earlier for the Inquisitr. 4J Studios has also teased fireworks and the Wither Boss.

“The Pretty Scary Update added Bats, Witches, the Wither boss, and Wither Skeletons as new mobs. It also brought Beacons and items that were included in the TU14 update such as Carrots on Sticks, Anvils, and more.

“The Redstone Update focused primarily on adding new redstone blocks, but also optimized the lighting engine. Some of the new blocks included the comparator, hopper, dropper, daylight sensor, trapped chest, weighted pressure plates, and block of redstone. There were also some PC specific updates like a scoreboard system which likely won’t make the transfer to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

“Lastly, the Horse Update brought horses, naturally, plus donkeys, and mules. It also brought leads to tie to any mob, plus hay, carpet, coal blocks, and hardened clay that can be turned into stained clay with dye.”

4J Studios also confirmed today that the PS Vita version of Minecraft will receive a physical retail version. No word on a release for this either though.

What do you think of the donkey reveal and the other items for Minecraft?

[Images via 4J Studios, YouTube]