Underoos Are Back, But Now For Adults: Captain America, He-Man, And More

Underoos were the rage of just about everyone’s childhood, and why wouldn’t you love skivvies that represent your favorite cartoon characters? It seems that kids always get the best things these days, but that’s why there are stores like Hot Topic. Yes, Underoos are back in a big way, and Hot Topic has them just for adults, but don’t think they’ve ruined them with advancement because they brought back all your favorites.

I09 brought the news of the release of Underoos to the front of the line, and they are absolutely brilliant. So far, Hot Topic has eight different designs of Underoos for adults to enjoy and wear around their home or wherever they darn-well please.

Don’t forget pants, though.

There are eight specially designed sets for you to enjoy from Hot Topic – Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, He-Man, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Captain America, and Skeletor. They actually sell for under $20 for each set. Some of them have already sold out online (Batman), but you can be sure that they will get them back in stock soon.

Not to mention, they could be available in your local store too. Idle Hands was one of the first to show pictures of all the sets of Underoos, and the Batman set is visible. Now, they stated the price as being $24.99 per set, but online, they are currently set at $19.60 each.

The Underoos sets don’t come with special attachments such as Captain America’s shield or a cape for Superman, but advancements could always come in the future. Maybe Harley Quinn will come with a giant hammer one day.

For those that may not remember what they were, here’s a history lesson.

Underoos are simply underwear (yes, tighty-whiteys), and they represent your favorite characters from cartoons, comic books, and the like. Not only did you get specially-designed underwear, but you got a shirt (boys) or tank top (girls) to match your bottom half.

Checking out the sets for adults, they have gotten even better than when you were little. Sometimes as a child, the sets had only a scene on the bottoms and on the top. The cool Underoos made you look like you were the specific character you loved so much.

The latter is exactly how the adult sets look today, and you just can’t beat looking like you have on He-Men or Skeletor’s furry bloomers.

Underoos are back, and if socially acceptable, you would soon see them worn out on the street.

[Image via Hot Topic]