WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Set For WWE Return, And WrestleMania 31 Match

Rey Mysterio

It appears that WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio could be back in action with WWE soon. Rey met with Vince McMahon at a recent WWE RAW taping in Buffalo, New York. He didn’t appear on the show, but did talk with McMahon about his contract and plans for him. The meeting was believed to have gone well for WWE, but Rey still told Vince that he wants to leave WWE.

The problem Rey runs into, however, is that WWE decided to renew his contract due to dates missed from injury a little while back. WWE can do this without talent permission, which every talent agrees to when they sign on with the company.

This move by WWE this time around was not so much done because they want to have Rey that badly, but rather that want to make money off the Mysterio brand through merchandise. Mysterio’s merchandise is still one of the better selling ones in the company. WWE wants Rey to return, and he does owe them some dates. However, they can still make a lot of money off of him in merchandise too. Still, though, the dates owed is an issue, and Rey needs to work them.

This has led to what many believe is an ending WWE run for Mysterio. The Wrestling Observer reports that Rey Mysterio is set for a return to WWE programming and even a match at WrestleMania 31. His current deal with WWE will expire in April of 2015. This would allow him to work out his WWE contract through WrestleMania, then take his leave. Many think WWE will try to set up a Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio mask vs mask match at WrestleMania.

Rey with fans

WWE has wanted to do this for some time, and planned originally to do it with the original Sin Cara, but the luchador kept getting hurt. Mysterio also couldn’t seem to stay healthy. That killed all potential for the match numerous times over, so if Rey Rey is good to go along with Cara, this match should end up happening. It could end up being a mask vs career match, as it could be the match that ends Rey’s WWE career.

Rey will probably want to wrestle again one day, but would mainly do so in Mexico. However, he wants to move away from wrestling and go into other projects, such as acting. It is far less intense, so it might be a good plan for Rey.

Sadly, before he can go, he must finish out the remaining WWE dates. Vince McMahon has already informed creative to come up with something for him. It is said that WWE will most likely compromise with Rey on a date deal, as it is believed that he cannot work a full-time schedule after years of being beaten-up. This might have been the reason for his various injuries the last few years. So a part-time schedule might be best for him. He could simply work TV, which would be very helpful to WWE still.

While Triple H normally handles all Talent Relations material, Vince was the man in charge this time around. That was most likely a request by Rey himself, as he wanted to talk with the guy who runs the show right now. When we will see Rey return to WWE programming is up in the air. Many think he could be back in a few weeks, but the more than likely, return time will be at some point in January.

[IMG Credits: 411mania.com, wwe.com]