Top 5 Best Parodies of ‘All About That Bass’ [Videos]

“All About That Bass” is addictive. It gets in your head and you just have to sing it, at least I do. I find myself mumbling, “I’m all about the bass, ’bout that bass, no treble” way more than I care to admit.

Some more creative folks put together their own version of the poplar Meghan Trainor hit.

“All About That Bass”: Yes, it is a song about bass — the fish — and these guys nail it. The lyrics are a playful twist on the original name of the song, you know, with the word “bass” being a homonym and all. This group of guys bring a whole new meaning to the song and have fun doing so. They caught — pun intended — a big hit with this parody, and that’s no lie.

“All About That Base: No Rebels”: This parody was previously featured on Inquisitr with good reason. The creative force behind the video is The Nerdist and the talented Team Unicorn. The team do a great job of mimicking the same catchy tune and dance moves in a galaxy far, far away. Does anyone else have an issue with female Darth Vader spouting the line “I’m Luke and Leia’s dad?”

“All About That Space”: Keeping with the geek trend, this group does a great job incorporating a number of franchises, including Star Wars, Guardians of The Galaxy, and Star Trek. The ladies of CREATURE are talented, bold, and aren’t scared of sending a message to J.J. Abrams. If you are a bit of a nerd, or have at least seen any of the movies mentioned above, you’ll probably get the references and have a laugh at this witty parody of “All About That Bass.”

“All About That Chase”: The exaggerated make-up and singing put this one on my list. The video takes stalking onto not-so-new level: kidnapping. Though, not a very thought out kidnapping. Who tries to tie someone down with Twizzlers? These two guys had me laughing throughout the whole video.

“All About That Base – Parody”: Bart Baker brought forth one of the most popular parodies yet. His rendition holds a strong message against the original, mocking it for its seemingly shallow message. He brings up some valid points, however, let’s remember that it is a parody. Just watch and enjoy the guy with an obviously fake triple chin sing.

Fans of the original song may or may not enjoy these more colorful versions of their beloved song. As a bystander that became unwillingly mesmerized by the catchy tune, I can find the humor in each of creative parodies. Whether or not you like the song does not matter, because those of us that have heard the hit will keep on singing, “It’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass.”