‘Batman V Superman’ Filming With IMAX Cameras?

As director Zack Snyder continues filming his blockbuster Batman v Superman in Chicago, the latest rumor is that he is doing so using IMAX cameras.

According to reports from people observing the proceedings in the Windy City, at least a portion of the sequel to Man of Steel and prequel to Justice League will be filmed with the technology. While Snyder was in Detroit, there was no talk of the use of IMAX cameras, which leads us to believe that not the entirety of the film is produced with the equipment.

Batman News caught on to this tweet, posted by Chicago resident and Batman v Superman onlooker Mike Eisenberg, who we don’t believe is related to the actor playing Lex Luthor in the film, Jesse Eisenberg.

Eisenberg saw the cameras while Snyder was filming the Wayne murder scene, previously reported by the Inquisitr, right outside his apartment building. The tragic scene is reportedly a part of the Batman v Superman movie this time around.

Fans have been discussing the revelation that the murder of Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) parents, which have been included in pretty much every Batman film ever made, will also be a part of Batman v Superman possibly shot with IMAX cameras.

The same website, which follows all things Batman, states that the scene when Martha Wayne gets shot and her jewelry falls to the ground will be filmed in CGI. We assume that this is the scene that was being filmed, because of fans and news sources watching in Chicago reported it as such. As the marquee indicates, the movie The Mask of Zorro is announced, which is the film watched by Wayne’s parents before they were murdered.

It is not clear how long the Wayne murder scene is or where will it will be featured, but many suspect that is will show as part of a flashback to explain the origins of Bruce Wayne/Batman’s grievances. There has been no confirmation Batman v Superman is filming with IMAX cameras from the studio, so for now this is a rumor.

[Image via Arrow Daily]