‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 11 Brings ‘Suits Of Woe’

Sons of Anarchy has finally delivered what fans had been waiting nearly a full season to see: Jax Teller is told that his mother, Gemma, killed his wife, Tara. Jaws dropped at the end of the last episode and now fans are dying to see how it all plays out in the season 7, episode 11 show. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for this next episode titled “Suits of Woe”?

The short synopsis for this one simply teases that Jax will face an ugly truth, and fans would say it is about time. Luckily the previews and tidbits from Kurt Sutter during the last Anarchy Afterword provide some additional insight and Sons of Anarchy spoilers. Fans got one SOA spoiler preview at the end of the regular episode, but there was a longer, different one at the end of the after-show. From the looks of things, the season 7, episode 11 show is going to be something to behold.

Sutter and the previews have revealed some key Sons of Anarchy spoilers. After Abel tells Jax that Gemma killed Tara, Jax will spend most of the night awake thinking through everything. While some might have been worried that Jax would brush off Abel’s big reveal, it seems he takes this very seriously and the pieces start to come together.

Will Abel’s reveal save Lin? Apparently not, as Lin is killed in this episode. How does it all play out? Viewers will have to tune in to see just who does the deed and when, but the Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview shared during Anarchy Afterword reveals that Lin will end up stabbed in the neck and found in the prison hallways with no witnesses. Jax will visit Juice close to the time Lin is killed, but the visit wasn’t taped as it regularly would have been.

Jarry and Unser will be talking about Lin’s death when Jax and the rest of SAMCRO pull up. Unser will egg Jax into punching him before Teller rides off. Unser will then tell Jarry to put out an APB on Jax and get him into holding before anybody else gets hurt. Why does he do this? Fans have their theories, but everybody will have to wait until the November 18 episode to see how this one plays out.

Gemma is in a rough state apparently she will even end up punching Chucky. Despite the altercation between Jax and Unser, the two will start comparing notes about Tara’s death at some point in “Suits of Woe.” In addition, Wendy is heard telling Jax that now that he’s told Abel the truth about Wendy being his first mom, she can’t have any secrets. It seems likely that she’s going to fill him in on what went down with hiding Juice, and that will surely raise suspicion for Jax even further when it comes to Gemma.

Sons of Anarchy spoiler previews show a big car chase, and fans have definitely been buzzing about this one. Who besides Jax is involved? Is he being chased because of the APB? Did Unser goad Jax into punching him to try to protect Gemma? Though it’s not known quite yet how they factor into this season 7, episode 11 show, the Mayans pop up in “Suits of Woe” as well.

It seems likely that the Mayans show up to facilitate the transition of Diosa from Nero, as it does seem that Nero is ready to pack up. There are shots showing Nero looking devastated, so does he learn about what Gemma has been hiding before he leaves, or does that change his plans?

These next scenes coming up in “Suits of Woe” are ones that SOA fans have been waiting for nearly a year to see. Though Kurt Sutter has previously teased that Jax may only ever learn partial truths about what happened that night between Gemma and Tara, it seems pretty clear that this next episode is where the big payoff comes for viewers.

Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma, previously teased via TVLine that when things finally do come to a head between Jax and Gemma, the scenes will not disappoint. Granted there are 13 episodes in this season, and fans can surely expect there to be plenty carried over into those final two episodes after the November 18 episode. In fact, given that there is no new episode the week of Thanksgiving, viewers may want to brace themselves to be left hanging at the end of this next episode as they wait an extra week for episode 12.

How will Jax handle the information he’s learned? Will Gemma manage to stay alive? Fans can’t wait to find out and it all goes down in the season 7, episode 11 show of Sons of Anarchy airing on November 18.

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]