Christoph Waltz Performs Creepy Version Of Sesame Street Theme Song [Video]

Actor Christoph Waltz has a very "unique" way of looking at the hit television show Sesame Street, and he discussed his own perspective during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The 58-year-old actor spoke openly with Jimmy Kimmel about his longtime appreciation for the long-running hit children's television series.

Christoph Waltz stated that Sesame Street was actually dubbed in German so all of the characters on the show spoke German. The Horrible Bosses 2 actor continued by explaining that he forced his children to watch the show in order to Americanize them over time.

The interview got a little awkward (and then hilarious) when Christoph mentioned that he still loves watching Sesame Street even now as an adult.

"It's so trenched... it's raw, it's full of despair, it's poignant... deep."

Waltz continued by stating that the Sesame Street theme song alone "haunts" him. Jimmy Kimmel then encouraged Christoph Waltz to perform a dramatic interpretation of the theme song.

When the two-time Oscar winner gets to the part of the song where he asks, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" he starts to get a little misty-eyed and fully engaged in the performance.

If you're not careful, you just might get a little misty-eyed yourself watching Christoph Waltz interpret such a beloved theme song. It kind of falls along the same lines as the creepy rendition of the Pinocchio song performed by Ultron in the new Avengers trailer.

What did you think about Christoph Waltz's performance of the Sesame Street theme song? Chances are that you will never be able to get his version out of your head.

[Image Credit: Rolling Stone]