‘Doctor Who’ Fans Getting More Information About Christmas Special

Another holiday season is here, which brings us Christmas music in September, crowds of shoppers when you’re out and about, and clues and video bits about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, due to air on Christmas Day on both BBC and BBC America.

According to Screen Rant, the Doctor Who Christmas Special will follow the formula from the past few years: minimal release of information, one mini-episode, then the special on Christmas Day. Fans have seen the picture of Santa Claus, portrayed by Nick Frost of Hot Fuzz and Shawn Of The Dead fame, and the clip proclaiming something is “not right” with the Doctor and Clara. Perhaps Saint Nick is here to assist the Doctor, or Clara, or perhaps both?

There is one key difference in this year’s Christmas episode; whereas in years past, the Christmas episode was considered a “one-off” — a standalone storyline that did not follow the storyline of the previous season. This season, all signs are pointing to a Christmas special that will try to tie up some of the loose ends from the Season 8 finale. The biggest questions are, of course, is Clara still alive, and is she coming back for Season 9?

Rumors have been rampant, with the majority wanting some closure if Clara (Jenna Coleman) does indeed leave. Fans are still not sure if she is indeed leaving yet or not. Coleman, 23, has never confirmed just what size the role she will be playing in the special, or if it will be her last. Den Of Geek reports that Coleman is speaking about the Doctor Who special, but she does so cryptically.

“It’s written in sections and it’s about dreaming – what is real and what is not” says Coleman.

When asked about her plans past her tenure with Doctor Who, Coleman says “[T]here are no grand plans. I’d like to do some theatre, get back into the rehearsal room. I think it’s all about surrounding yourself with really clever, talented people so you can soak up some of their brilliance!”

So, nothing quite concrete, which leaves many of her fans thinking, and hoping, she’ll stay with the Doctor for just a bit longer.

Another similarity for this Christmas special, as with others, is that there will be a special preview of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special on BBC. Airing on November 14 during the BBC One’s Children In Need holiday event will mark the third year a special preview, or minisode, for Doctor Who has aired.

All of this buildup will end in a one-hour crescendo on television sets on Christmas Day. Check your content guides for times in your area.

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