Ricky Gervais to Host the Golden Globes Again; Watch the Best of Ricky’s Insults [Video]

Why fix what constantly insults you, causes controversy, and brings in a huge audience? Yep, Ricky Gervais has been asked to host the Golden Globes again.

Gervais, who first hosted the Globes in 2010, caused an uproar after the ceremony for hurting the sensitive feelings of various celebrities. The audience loved him and his monologues kept people talking about the Golden Globes for weeks.

Here’s a video from Ricky Gervais at the 2010 Golden Globes.

After initially saying that Gervais would never host the Golden Globes again, the Hollywood Foreign Press asked Gervais to host again in 2011. Gervais agreed and managed to offend even more people.

Here’s a clip of Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes in 2011.

Again, organizers said that Gervais would not be back in 2012. But low and behold, Ricky has been asked back to the Golden Globes in 2012.

The HFPA writes on its website:

“After weeks of rumours it’s finally official—Ricky Gervais will be back to host the Golden Globes for a third year, the HFPA president Dr. Aida Takla O’Reilly announced. The association voted overwhelmingly for the controversial British comedian’s return and NBC’s senior vice president of special events and late night programming, Doug Vaughan, said: “Ricky is delighted to be coming back. He said the Golden Globes show is the most fun he has ever had.”

Ricky confirmed his commitment on Twitter, saying:

“Just told Billy Crystal he’d better not use any of my holocaust or pedophile material at the Oscars. He agreed (true),”

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Are you excited for Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes again?