Toyota To Recall 362,000 Vehicles Globally To Fix Three Defects, 170,000 Toyota Camry’s Affected

Toyota cars recall in Europe and Japan

Japanese car maker Toyota has announced that it will recall as many as 361,800 vehicles across the globe in order to fix three separate defects that the company identified in these vehicles.

According to Reuters, Toyota’s premium sedan, the Toyota Camry, has been identified as one of the vehicles that have been affected by one of these defects. The New York Post reports that all the 170,000-plus Toyota Camry’s have been identified to potentially contain a faulty ball joint that could result in the loss of control of the vehicle. It is unclear at this time where exactly the defective part is located in the car.

While cars in the United States have not been affected by these three defects, the primary target market for this product recall by Toyota will be Europe, with as many as 120,000 vehicles there affected. The other major market where the product recall would happen is Toyota’s home country, Japan, where a total of 40,000 Toyota Camry cars are estimated to be affected by the defect.

The other car models that come under this new product recall by Toyota include the Hiace, Regius Ace, and Dyna models. A total of 105,800 cars from these model ranges have been affected by a defect that can be rectified after replacing the fuel pipe. Another 86,000 cars from the Crown and Crown Majesta models in Japan are included in the product recall. These Toyota cars have defective outer seat belt assemblies that would be replaced by the company

While the move by Toyota to recall over 360,000 cars across the globe sounds drastic, it seems to be a precautionary move by the Japanese automaker in order to avoid any accidents or mishaps that could be caused due to these defective parts. The company has confirmed that no crashes, injuries, or deaths caused by these three defects have taken place so far.

This latest recall from Toyota comes just weeks after the Inquisitr reported about the airbag-related product recall in the U.S. that reportedly affects over 7.8 million cars sold in the country. Many of those cars are made by Toyota as well. In a related report, former employees of the airbag manufacturer Takata have revealed that the company was aware of the defects well over a decade ago — but chose to brush it under the carpet.

Do you feel safe driving a Toyota car now?

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]