Shocking ’10 Hours Of Princess Leia Walking In NYC’ Shows The Dark Side Of Forceful Catcalling

princess leia street harassment

Even a Jedi princess isn’t safe from street harassment, it seems, as this “Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC” video proves that there’s a Dark Side to New York filled with colorful characters that need a good force choking to set them straight.

The shocking video comes by way of YouTube user Are We There Yet? and it shows Princess Leia — an original Star Wars cast member; a verifiable princess, even — getting no respect as she walks silently down the street. That doesn’t stop the scum of New York City from whipping out their lightsabers in public, breathing heavily, or casting aspersions on her parentage. And that’s just one guy.

The others in the video are little better, including the freaky little green guy who obviously has a problem with basic sentence construction in English.

Not to put too much blame on the more, eh, colorful Star Wars characters in New York City. It’s noticeable, though, that one doesn’t see too many white-armored individuals making rude and lewd comments to the Princess as she just tries to make her way on the street.

Not that it should matter at all, but it’s also notable that Leia isn’t exactly decked out like she’s on the prowl in the video. No Slave Girl gear for this vid, just a demure white gown and spacebun that — if it says anything at all — says “This is not the girl you’re looking to catcall.”