UFO Sightings Continue To Be On The Rise

As humanity’s interest in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) increase over the years, UFO sightings continue to grow.

Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Peter Davenport, reported that sightings of UFOs around the world have increased by 23 percent since 2014.

In January, Davenport stated, “Over the course of the last two weeks, our center has been inundated with an abnormally large volume of sighting reports, submitted from around the world. We have received approximately 650-700 reports during that time period.”

Clarifying, Davenport noted that the “average” volume of reports received each month is usually in the range of “250 and 500.” This, he expounded, means that “NUFORC has been receiving reports at approximately 3-4 times what we used to consider normal.”

However, according to a report by the Huffington Post’s self-described “paranormal expert”, it’s a simple equation: more drones in the sky equal more UFO reports. From a “flying saucer” drone created by a Canadian science center to deliberately fool people at a baseball game, to a news agency’s hovering, camera-mounted craft observing a large crowd of protestors in Moscow, drone technology is used for military purposes as well as consumerism trickery.

If there are hundreds of people out there who are dedicated to building drones or drone-like devices and flying them around as UFO hoaxes, then some of these devices being built are apparently quite capable of amazing speeds and maneuverability, like the below video.

Calling most UFO sightings a hoax is no longer enough for most people to simply accept. Yes, there are some hoaxes out there, but as humanity evolves in technology and communication, people are no longer easily convinced that all these occurrences just happen to be pranks or a type of militarized machinery.

What is similarly hard to discount, is that in recent years, dozens of foreign governments have been releasing thousands of pages of UFO related documents. These countries include France, Russia, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Chile and several others.

The fact that governments around the world have extensively documented information pertaining to UFO encounters with the military and supposed extraterrestrial meetings with people, says that there is more to this entire situation than meets the eye.

According to Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, “It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects which both congress and the commander in chief know nothing about.”

The GuardianLV reported that Hellyer had called on governments, namely the U.S., to disclose information about increasing UFO sightings. And with the sightings getting harder to be kept a secret from the public, drone activity and missile testing are currently the excuses given.

For many years, UFO sightings have also been reported in abundance at nuclear missile sites around the world. And declassified Soviet Ministry of Defense documents additionally confirmed that such incidents have occurred in the former USSR.

“Significantly, the UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of mysterious malfunctions of large numbers of nuclear missiles, just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby.”

According to a report by the Huffington Post, authorities around the world agree that these truly unexplainable unidentified flying objects appear solid, metallic, and luminous, and are able to operate with speeds and maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. And, most chilling of all, they often behave as if under intelligent control.

This UFO sighting phenomena have not just been bound to earth, as recently, people have also been seeing UFO occurrences through NASA’s International Space Station’s live feed. Although, NASA is allegedly censoring this feed as there have been previous reports of them cutting the live transmission if they have a clear enough shot of a UFO.

UFO sightings

Until there is actual proof of UFO’s not existing – it is, at times, hard not to feel like we are all on The Truman Show… and we don’t even know it.

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