Jersey Shore Star Sues Abercrombie Over Trademark Infringement

It has been months since Abercrombie publicly offered Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino $1 million to stop wearing their clothing on the hit MTV show Jersey Shore and now the reality TV star has filed suit against the clothing manufacturer.

In his lawsuit Sorrentino says the company used advertising techniques to capitalize on his known celebrity to create publicity for the clothing retailer, techniques he says infringe on his trademarked name.

The Situation also isn’t happy that the company also started selling shirts that read “The Fituations” and “GTL … You Know The Deal.”

Sorrentino is suing Abercrombie & Fitch for $4 million in damages and the lawsuit was filed in a Florida court on Tuesday naming Sorrentino and his company MPS Entertainment as the plaintiffs. Abercrombie executives are not responding to the lawsuit at this time.

Whether or not he’ll continue to wear clothing from Abercrombie is still to be seen.

Do you think the Situation has a valid lawsuit?